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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sun Ra and his Astro Infinity Arkestra - Sound Sun Pleasure!! (1958/48?)

Wait, you may say. I thought you were posting what gives with posting material from 1956?
Well, originally, on the Saturn release, this was simply material from a '58 recording. But with the '92 Evidence release, they decided to couple this with side A of the 'Deep Purple' Saturn LP in '73.
'Deep Purple' includes studio and home recordings from the early 50s--and claims can be made dating the material as far back as 1948. This early Sun Ra is rather historic, and should not be missed. Part of side A will come back when posting one of the two versions of 'The Invisible Shield.'

This CD is extremely important in seeing the beginning of Sun Ra's style. You get glimpses of it in some of the earliest pieces...

I included info for 'Deep Purple' as well.

Sun Ra and his Astro Infinity Arkestra
Sound Sun Pleasure!!

Saturn SR 512 (1970)
Evidence 22014 (CD, 1992)

Included Tracks:
Side A:
'Round Midnight (Hanighen-Monk-Williams)
You Never Told Me That You Care (Hobart Dotson)
Hour of Parting (Schiffer-Spoliansky)

Side B:
Back In Your Own Backyard (Jolson-Rose-Dreyer)
Enlightenment (taken from Jazz in Silhouette) (Ra)
I Could Have Danced All Night (Lerner-Loewe)

Line-up & Recording Date:
Ra-p, celeste; Hobart Dotson-tp; James Spaulding-as; Marshall Allen-as, fl; John Gilmore-ts; Pat Patrick-bs, as, fl; Charles Davis-bs; Ronnie Boykins-b; William Cochran (or Robert Barry)-d; Hattie Randolph-voc (on 'Round Midnight and Back in Your Own Backyard).
Recorded by Alton Abraham, Chicago, 1958.
Sun Ra and his Arkestra featuring Stuff Smith on violin
Deep Purple
(Dreams Come True)

Saturn LP 485 (1973)
Side A has been reissued on Evidence 22014 (CD, 1992)

Included Tracks:
Side A:
Deep Purple (DeRose-Parish)
Sun Ra-p, Solovox; Stuff Smith-vln. Sun Ra's home, Chicago, 1953? Robert Campbell says 1948-49.

Piano Interlude(Ra)
Sun Ra-p. Chicago, 1955?

Can this be Love? (Smith-James)
Sun Ra-p, Wilbur Ware-b. Chicago, 1955?

Dreams Come True(Ra-Mayo)
Sun Ra-Wurlitzer ep; Pat Patrick-as; John Gilmore-ts; Art Hoyle-tp; Vic Sproles-b; Robert Barry-d; Clyde Williams-voc. Chicago, 1956.

Don't Blame Me (McHugh-Fields)
'SWonderful (Gershwin)
Lover Come Back to Me (Romberg-Hammerstein)
Ra-p; Victor Sproles-b; Robert Barry-d; Tito-cga; Hattie Randolph-voc. Budland, Chicago, 1956 or 1957.

Piano Interlude and Can This Be Love? were included in a tape that later would become side B of The Invisible Shield.


At 12:22 PM, Blogger The Squeegee said...

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At 12:26 PM, Blogger The Squeegee said...

i think i have just found one of my favorite blogs of all time... thanks for going the extra mile with the album info. it's a learning experience...

At 1:37 PM, Blogger spacedsaviour said...

this may well be the blog of all blogs...the importance of Ra is too vast to contemplate...nice one my friend

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Zero G Sound said...

Thanks for this chance to learn more and more about Sun Ra and his music.

At 11:24 PM, Blogger Ornette said...

Thanks. Ra has always been a mystery to me in 40 years of listening to jazz but I am finally getting it.

At 3:03 AM, Blogger marxbert said...

One of my hopes in presenting this music is to make the later Ra more 'tolerable'--for lack of a better word.

I could have started with the CDs I like the most--Atlantis, this current one actually, some others...But I felt that would not be doing the man justice.

Enjoy. I'll probably be putting up Sun Ra links on the sidebar, one of these days. It'll just get better

At 11:51 PM, Anonymous aaron said...

thanks for the line-up info on the albums, i didnt know who did the vocals on some of those songs.


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