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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Short Introduction

The purpose of this entire blog is to provide the music of the musician from outer space who graced the world with his presence--materially and musically.
When it comes to jazz after the 1940s, I listen almost only to Sun Ra. I neglect the works of Coltrane, Davis, Parker....
For me, Sun Ra did everything jazz could do. It stands true to this day.

I have just finished listening to every Sun Ra recording I had accumulated. This took a very long time, as I had been accumulating 3 a day at times! And I can wear out on sounds, admittedly. Plus, there is some material by an artist that we like much more than others--so to listen to everything in its entirety....while not a Herculean task, it did stretch my toleration for some jazz.

It will become obvious over the course of this blog what my favorite material is. For example, the address of this blog comes a band that Sun Ra performed with, "Intergalactic Research" and my favorite song I've heard them perform is "Island in the Sun"...not necessarily my favorite song, by any means, but one I've heard dozens of times. The title of this blog is only to draw attention to it, as it is the best known thing Sun Ra has done. I will be proceeding in a chronological order (of what I have)---this opens room for many mistakes, and I will give notes on controversial recording dates.

I would like to thank all the original people who helped me acquire these albums. There is of course one person who, as I said, posted 3 times a day at times. 90% of the collection came from this one individual, and I'm sure he will know who he is.

I find my reviews are generally facile, so they will be kept short. I may self-glorifyingly revel in past moments that I've listened to certain tracks, but I will reserve any criticism (some people may make allegations of Sun Ra not being "at his best", etc.--to each their own, I say).


At 8:56 AM, Blogger stu said...

whooeee about time Ra had his own fan blog,nice one, I have some boots from DAD and a lot of his music I would be happy to up any yneed that i have

At 4:04 PM, Blogger marxbert said...

hey stu!

thanks for the feedback.

as far as bootlegs, yes please! i have a number of live sun ra, mainly from the 70s to the 80s....i haven't decided how or when i will post these boots...

as far as other Sun Ra--I'll make out a list of what I have (and the shorter list of what I don't have)...if you could share what I cannot, it would be appreciated by everyone who follows this blog i'm sure.

At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Remy LeBeau said...

You said you were posting chronologically by recording date, are you neglecting his doo wop and pop singles he recorded in his early days? I guess most of them were not released as Sun Ra records, but they should get a mention, right?

At 3:26 AM, Anonymous Norika's dad said...

I had never heard Sun Ra until yesterday, when I saw a BBC documentary. And now I discovered this great blog. I have been looking for this music. You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you very much indeed.

At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great! I have a LOT of all the material + lots more of Sun Ra surprises :)Salutes from Mexico & keep doing this good job. And I also think that Sun Ra is the greatest musician in the omniverse. Post me for any one in specific and meanwhile Ill be looking to the other blogs. Im looking for the Bratislava Jazz Days ┬┐anyone?


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