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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sun Ra and his Arkestra - Sound of Joy (1956/1968)

Well, maybe the confusion has already started with the Ra chronology...but it becomes more complicated with this 1968 release. The information I've found says this was recorded in '56, then it was released c.1968. However, by 1968, a number of these recordings had been released on "Visits Planet Earth"...Now the Visits Planet Earth release has different lengths for the tracks on the discography sites, begging the question--are they the same versions? My own troubles are further complicated as I only have a partial CD of "Visits Planet Earth"...(or so the discographies lead me to believe).
This is the CD version, as the extra tracks mentioned in the notes are included.

And here's the music:

Sun Ra and his Arkestra
Sound of Joy

Delmark DS-414 (1968)
Delmark DD-414 (CD, 1994)

Included Tracks:
Side A:
El Is a Sound of Joy (Ra) (3:50)
Overtones of China (Ra) (3:22)
Two Tones (Patrick-Davis) (3:34)
Paradise (Ra) (4:26)
Planet Earth (Ra) (4:30)

Side B:
Ankh (Ra) (6:30)
Saturn (Ra) (3:52)
Reflections in Blue (Ra) (5:53)
El Viktor (Ra) (2:26)

Only in the cd version:
As you once were (?) (4:16)
Dreams come true (?) (3:49)
Line-up & Recording Date:
Ra-p, Wurlitzer electric piano; Art Hoyle-tp; Dave Young-tp; Julian Priester?-tb; (on El Is a Sound of Joy y Overtones of China); Pat Patrick-as, bs; John Gilmore-ts; Charles Davis-bs; Victor Sproles-b; William Cochran-d; Jim Herndon-tympani.
Studio recording, late 1956.
Clyde Williams sings on the two "bonus tracks" of the cd.
Not released until 1968, and several tracks had appeared already on "Visits Planet Earth"


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