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Friday, July 21, 2006

Two from 1962

Alright, here we go..the first I'm not going to introduce, but it a solid album from the early 60s. The second, Janus, is much more confusing and deserves a quick note.
Janus has been released under multiple names. Moreover, the recent CD release of Janus only includes material from a 1970 recording session. The original release of Janus included material from 2 sessions, '62 and '70. The albums that are solely the '70 recording session are 'more complete' versions of that session than on the earlier albums.

Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra
Secrets of the Sun

Saturn GH 9954-E/F (probably 1965)
Saturn LP 208

Included Tracks:
Side A:
Friendly Galaxy (Ra)
Ra-p; Al Evans-flg; Marshall Allen-fl; John Gilmore-bcl; Pat Patrick- fl; Calvin Newborn-eg; Ronnie Boykins-b; Tommy Hunter-d.

Solar Differentials (Ra)
Ra-p, gong; John Gilmore- space bird sounds; Ronnie Boykins-b; Tommy Hunter- space birds sounds, reverb; C. Scoby Stroman-d; Art Jenkins- space voice.

Space Aura (Ra)
Ra-p; Eddie Gale-tp; Marshall Allen-as; John Gilmore-ts; Pat Patrick- bs; Ronnie Boykins-b; C. Scoby Stroman-d.

Side B:
Love in Outer Space (Ra)
Ra-p; Marshall Allen-morrow; John Gilmore-bcl, space drums; Pat Patrick-space drums; Ronnie Boykins-b; Jimmy Johnson-perc.

Reflects Motion (Ra)
Ra-p; Marshall Allen-fl; John Gilmore-ts; Ronnie Boykins-b; Tommy Hunter-perc; C. Scoby Stroman-d.

Solar Symbols (Ra)
Ra-sun harp, gong; Tommy Hunter and the rest of the Arkestra- percussions.

Line-up & Recording Date:
See each track individually. Recorded by Tommy Hunter at Choreographers' Workshop, NYC, 1962.

Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Research Arkestra
The Invisible Shield

(A Tonal View of Times Tomorrow, vol. 2)
(Satellites are Outerspace...)
Saturn LP 529 (1974)
Matrix number 14400A/B

1201 Music (CD, 1999)

Included Tracks:
Side A:
State Street (Ra)
Ra-p; Walter Miller-tp; Al Evans-flg; Ali Hassan-tb; Marshall Allen- as, fl; John Gilmore-ts; Pat Patrick-bs; Michael White-vln; Ronnie Boykins-b; Clifford Jarvis-d.

Sometimes I'm Happy (Caesar-Youmans)
Ra-p; John Gilmore-ts; Ronnie Boykins-b; Clifford Jarvis-d.

Time after Time 1 (Cahn-Styne)
Time after Time 2 (Cahn-Styne)
Ra-p; Walter Miller-tp; Ronnie Boykins-b; Clifford Jarvis-d.

Easy to Love (Porter)
Sunnyside Up (DeSylva-Brown)
Ra-p; Walter Miller-tp; John Gilmore-ts; Ronnie Boykins-b; Clifford Jarvis-d.

New York, 1962.

Side B:
Island in the Sun (Ra)
The Invisible Shield (Ra)
Janus (Ra)
Ra-p, org, Mini-Moog syn; Marshall Allen- as, fl, picc; Danny Davis- as, acl; John Gilmore-ts, perc; Danny Ray Thompson- bsn/ Neptunian libflecto/ lunatic fagott on The Invisible Shield), perc; Ben Henderson (Jaribu Shahid)-b; Art Jenkins-ancestral African vocal and space voice (on Janus), other members of the band, bells and percussion.

Philadelphia or New York 1970
Line-up & Recording Date:
See each track individually.
The CD edition by 1201 contains the B side of the vinyl plus two more tracks from the same session. Thus, besides the same title, one could say that it's a different recording.


At 5:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The track "extension out" is included with SECRETS... instead of "space aura." Is this right?

At 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee whiz, thanks to the A-hole who complained about this ("Invisible Shield") file, was about 80% finished in the downloading. You're really helping to spread the word of the Ra...

At any rate, keep up the GREAT work, MarxBert, don't let the bastards drag you down!

At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

. . . what could someone have possibly gained? would their spite possibly be satisfied by complaining?

would you be open to replying to a secure e-mail?

i am hoping that you can work something out. thanks to my father's recommendation, while growing up in chicago, i heard S-R during my high school jazz band days. your posts fill a nostalgic void,

please let me know about the e-mail.


At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marxbert, the work that you put into this blog is much appreciated. It appears that the trolls have wiped out most of the links on this blog. I managed to obtain The Invisible Shield, but unfortunately, I missed out on the other album in this post.
If this would be any help, I would suggest that you get link protectors; something like I've seen a few other blogs that had the same problem use this system. Also, you could try other places like SendSpace, Megaupload, etc. Once again, thank you and I hope everything works out. Best regards.

At 1:30 PM, Blogger marxbert said...

to the first anonymous--
i'm not sure if it was mislabelled. i did not originally rip any of these. no discography i could find mentions it, and i left it as is. thanks for noting it.

At 9:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like "Secrets of the Sun" is down a (again?)--looks like all the other newer links are holding (probably due to your stern lecture, the little Pollyanna wandered off to play in traffic or something)

Maxbert, thanks for all your efforts!!

At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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