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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sun Ra - 2 CDs, 1961-1963

Two notes-first, this is a CD release, combining two albums. Second, the info included in the files states that the recording session of Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy was 1961 or 1962. I'm sticking to the AstroBlack discography and saying 1963.

Art Forms and Dimensions of Tomorrow is an experience. I highly recommend listening to tracks 6 through 11/12 separately from tracks 1-5.. The first track, Cluster of Galaxies, uses feedback or some sort of electronic device to an amazing effect. It is in stark contrast to what was the last track on the vinyl edition, Lights on Satellite.
As far as Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy goes--also a very solid album. Thither and Yon is memorable. After listening to this album last night, and it had been awhile, I liked Voice of Space much more than earlier listens. Maybe it was the mood?

Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra
Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy

Saturn LP 408 (c. 1967)
Thoth Intergalactic (later Saturn) KH 2772
Evidence 22036 (CD, 1992)

Included Tracks:
Side A:
And Otherness (Ra)
Ra-clavioline, cosmic side drums; Bernard Pettaway;btb; Marshall Allen-ob; John Gilmore-bcl; Robert Cummings-bcl; Pat Patrick-bs; Danny Davis-fl; James Jacson-fl, log drums; Tommy Hunter-perc; Clifford Jarvis-perc.

Thither and Yon (Ra)
Allen-ob; Gilmore-sky tone drums; Robert Cummings-bcl; Danny Davis-fl; Pat Patrick-fl; Ronnie Boykins-b; James Jacson-log drums, fl; Clifford Jarvis-perc; Tommy Hunter-perc.

Adventure-Equation (Ra)
Ra-Hammond B-3 org; Marshall Allen-astro space drums; John Gilmore- bcl, sky drums; James Jacson-log drums; Ronnie Boykins-b; reverb.

Side B:
Moon Dance (Ra)
Ra-astro space (Hammond B-3) org; Ronnie Boykins-b; Clifford Jarvis-d.

Voice of Space (Ra)
Ra-astro space org; Danny Davis-as; Ronnie Boykins-b; John Gilmore- sky tone drums; James Jacson-log drums; Clifford Jarvis-d; Tommy Hunter-reverb.

Line-up & Recording Date:
See each track. New York, 1963.

Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra
Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow

Saturn LP 9956 (1965)
Saturn LP 404
Matriz numbers KH 98766; CPLS 5421F
Evidence 22036 (CD, 1992)

Included Tracks:
Side A:
Cluster of Galaxies (Ra)
Ra-sun harp, spiral percussion gong; Pat Patrick-thunder drums; Tommy Hunter-thunder drums. 1962.

Ankh (Ra)
Ra-p; Ali Hassan-tb; Marshall Allen-as; John Gilmore-ts; Pat Patrick- bs; Ronnie Boykins-b; C. Scoby Stroman-d. 1962.

Solar Drums (Ra)
Ra-p, sun harp, dragon drum; Marshall Allen-bells; John Gilmore-space drums; Ronnie Boykins-b; C. Scoby Stroman-perc. 1962.

The Outer Heavens (Ra)
Ra-p; Manny Smith-tp; Marshall Allen-as; John Gilmore-ts; Pat Patrick- cl; Ronnie Boykins-b. 1962.

Side B:
Infinity of the Universe (Ra)
Ra-p percussion solo; Clifford Thornton-tp; Marshall Allen-sticks, perc; John Gilmore-dragon drums, bcl; Pat Patrick-perc; Ronnie Boykins-b; Clifford Jarvis-d. 1962.

Lights on a Satellite (Ra)
Ra-p; John Gilmore-ts; Pat Patrick-bs; Ronnie Boykins-b; John Ore-b; Tommy Hunter. November or December 1961.

Kosmos in Blue (Ra)
Ra-p; John Gilmore-ts; Robert Boykins-b (primer solo); John Ore-b (segundo solo); Tommy Hunter -d. November or December 1961.

At a nice 320kbps...


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